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The Calendar of Surprises!

What is it?

It's a toy, a book (365 pages), a yearly kit, a punchboard, and a calendar.
Simply use the "key" to punch out the date ... then discover the secret message that pops out the back.




Fun To Use

What Are They Saying?

  • "It's like an Advent calendar" -Teacher

  • "It's like a fortune cookie every day" -Artist

  • "Simple, tactile" -Professor

  • "No bits, no bytes, no batteries" -Engineer

  • "It's a cool idea!" -Preston, age 11

  • "I like getting a surprise each day." -Chelsea, age 8

  • "I like making my own messages." -Jasmine, age 9

  • "I will have as much fun as my kids!" -Mom

  • "It's really all about creating family time." -Dad

  • "A great gift for our grandchildren." -Grandma

  • "Old-fashioned fun!" -Grandpa


Jokes, quotes, proverbs, riddles, puzzles, games, art, comics, the grab bag & more ...

You never know what you'll get next!

Click on images.


Guaranteed to surprise, delight and amuse.

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Our Amazing Team

The talented people behind the scenes!

Tony Brown


Rebecca Thorpe

Vice President

Tyson Cole

Lead Designer / Illustrator

Shravya Gavva

Management Information Systems

Anna Hunsaker

Public Relations

Diane Harris

Librarian / Editor

Our team is passionate about creating a fun and educational experience. Feel free to contact any of us with questions, concerns, or ideas. Thanks for checking out DAYPUNCH, and keep on playing!

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